About Darululoom San Diego 

Mufti Shakib Nawabi is currently serving as an Imam/Khateeb at Darululoom San Diego. He has been living in San Diego since 1991. He graduated from Mount Miguel High School and attended community college at Cuyamaca Grossmont collage. Then, he studied at San Diego State University pursuing a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology.


In 2005, he went to Pakistan to pursue higher Islamic education. He completed his Islamic studies curriculum at Anwarul Quran and Darulhuda. After, he went on at Jamia Qasimia to complete his Takhassus fil Fiqah. After nine years, he came back to San Diego in July 2014, with the grace and mercy of Allah. Since his return, he has been involved in establishing regular Hifaz classes, Dars of Quran, Dars of Hadith, and much more he is tirelessly involved in efforts to serve our community.

8360 Camino Santa Fe Suite#D, San Diego, CA 92121

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